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Insteel Industries is the nation's largest manufacturer of steel wire reinforcing products for concrete construction applications. We manufacture and market prestressed concrete strand and welded wire reinforcement, including engineered structural mesh, concrete pipe reinforcement, and standard welded wire reinforcement. Our products are primarily sold to manufacturers of concrete products that are used in nonresidential construction. We estimate that approximately 85% of our sales are related to nonresidential construction and 15% are related to residential construction.

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Our ten world-class manufacturing facilities employ the latest advancements in equipment technology, allowing us to minimize changeover times and service our customers in a cost-effective manner that meets their requirements. Given the highly competitive nature of our business, we are intensely focused on operating as the low cost producer and minimizing the costs associated with converting hot-rolled steel wire rod, our primary raw material, into finished product. Considering the substantial investments we have made in our facilities and our advanced manufacturing practices, we believe that our unit conversion costs compare favorably with any of our competitors - domestic or offshore.

Our facilities are strategically located in close proximity to our customers and suppliers, enhancing our customer service capabilities and minimizing our costs for outbound and inbound freight.

Underlying our manufacturing activities is a sophisticated information systems infrastructure that provides us with a broad range of performance metrics and decision-support tools to continually monitor and fine tune our processes.

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Insteel's common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IIIN and has traded on NYSE since March 2021.

Our business strategy is focused on:  (1) achieving leadership positions in our markets; (2) operating as the lowest cost producer; and (3) pursuing growth opportunities in our core businesses that further our penetration of current markets served or expand our geographic footprint. Headquartered in Mount Airy, North Carolina, we operate ten manufacturing facilities that are located in the U.S. in close proximity to our customers. Our growth initiatives are focused on organic opportunities as well as acquisitions in existing or related markets that leverage our infrastructure and core competencies in the manufacture and marketing of concrete reinforcing products.

Considering our technologically advanced manufacturing facilities, low cost production capabilities, strong market positions, sophisticated information systems and broad product offering and geographic reach, we believe that we are well-positioned to compete favorably with other producers of concrete reinforcing products and pursue additional growth opportunities.


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